Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random Update

Hey Everyone,

I've been pretty quite on here lately due to graduating, moving to New York City to start my new job, and everything else that is changing but I am going to try to start writing here on a more regular basis.  I started my new job at Huron Consulting Group as a computer forensics analyst in their legal department and I can say that it is an interesting experience coming from college to the real world finally.

In between projects I have the opportunity to do some research of my own and I have been dedicating my time to reading Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools ( following along with that as well as teaching myself Java programming.

I have also had the opportunity to continue working with the SIFT workstation that is provided by SANS Forensics.(  This is one of my favorite forensics tools to use as it already has a fantastic collection of tools and is available as a live cd so that I can image or run tools on the go without having to install anything. I would like to start doing a tutorial of the different tools involved with SIFT and how it can be used either by itself or in conjunction with other tools for verification or to fill in the gaps of other tools.

Another tool that I have been really excited to work with is the Tapeworm tool. (  This tool was created by a team of Champlain College students/faculty and TASC Inc.  It is a great project that automates some important tools and gives the investigators a nice record of the results.  It is only available as a VM right now and should only be used in VMware Workstation 7 or VMware Player 3 due to memory leak issues when used with newer versions of VMware.  I would highly recommend everyone taking a look at the site and trying it out.

As I said earlier I will be trying to make an effort to update this blog more often and have some more research on my different projects and research.

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