Friday, September 7, 2012

Capsone Project

As I near the end of my days at Champlain College I am being tasked with a large project that every senior at this school must face. their final project which is Capstone. This project serves to combine everything we have learned from our CORE classes and major classes to produce a unique project that is different depending on the major. Since I am in Computer and Digital Forensics (the best major ever) I have the opportunity to do a piece of major research on a topic of my choice. With the help of Jon Rajewski and Mike Wilkinson I have decided to work on a comparison of the open-source forensics operating system SIFT against proprietary software such as EnCase and FTK.

I will be conducting a variety of tests covering different areas of forensics including:
attached USB device
encrypted drives
hidden folders
file search
hash search
email search
password look up
corrupted files
Documentation/Report generation
Internet files/history
downloaded files
messenger chat
P2P information

In addition to the forensics information that I will be posting I will have posts relating to the capstone class which include insights into why I have chosen this project as well as what I hope to achieve. The class is very ethically heavy and deals with many topics that make us reflect on why we do things as well as where we want to be. I will be using this blog to help document my work and share everything I learn with the forensics professionals.

I look forward to working on this project and hope that people will comment on the work if they have suggestions or comments for me.